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Fiber laser marking machine application and features

Fiber laser marking machine application and features

The fiber laser marking machine adopts unique mechanism design and automatic rotary working mode. 

It can be used for loading and marking on one side, saving product loading and unloading time and improving work efficiency. 

It realizes flat batch marking and also adapts to the unprocessed surface of the part ( Rough surface) etching. 

Adaptation materials: metal (including: cast iron, cast aluminum) most non-metal (engineering plastic, rubber).


Fiber laser marking machine features good anti-counterfeiting: Due to the complexity of laser label manufacturing equipment, special label material and non-reusability, it is difficult for motor component counterfeiters to estimate the label, thus effectively protecting the regular motor component manufacturer.And the legitimate interests of the user. 

No inventory: the user can laser marking at any time according to the need, without any inventory. 

The cost is lower: when the laser label is used in a large number of different motors, the cost is lower. It is especially suitable for the motor manufacturer with high temperature resistance. Wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, waterproof, long service life.

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