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Laser Welding Machine

Laser Welding

China Best Handheld laser welding machine with low cost

Handheld laser welding machine adopt stable and high quality fiber laser source (Raycus brand), that why we call it fiber laser welding, the Wobble laser welding head and easy operation control system, which can get fast welding speed with perfect laser beam,

the advertages of wobble laser head is on welding beam and high welding speeds.

How does fiber laser welding work? Laser welding machine focus a high intensity laser beam on a focused region, the purpose of the process is to physically melt two materials together in order to form a bond between them, so the laser welding source and laser welding head are important for one laser welder.

so you can simple thinking Handheld laser welding machine is a welding equipment which to join two metal sheet, it also called fiber laser welder, handheld laser welder, stainless steel laser welding machine, laser welding system,

it can replace traditonal welding machine, so you can use BOGONG Laser handheld machine for metal cabinet, electric welding, advertising welding, stainless steel door, windows, steel box, etc.

The application of fiber laser welding machine as below:

BOGONG Laser welding machine can do good welding process on variety sheet metal, like stainless steel, iron, aluminium, brass, steel, gold, silver, etc. 

especially on thin metal sheet, which can replaced traditional welding system, bogong fiber laser welding equipment use continuous laser source, also you can do spot weld during welding process.

The control software with touch screen panel which can help you control laser power, speed, etc to control the quality of welding, less thermal distortion when welding metals, it's will much better than arc welding

You can see video of handheld laser welding machine in youtube link as below:

Another video for aluminum letters and stainless steel

Except handheld fiber laser welder, we also provide Jewelry laser welding machine and Yag Laser welder, also Mould laser welding machine.

Handheld fiber laser welding machine mostly use for welding two metal sheet which with gap less than 0.3mm, if your welding sheet big than 0.3mm, you need thinking an wire feeding system for laser welding machine, you can see picture of welding samples as below:

Different wire feeder with different price, contact with our people to get newest price 

Our standard wire feeder is upper wire feeder, that means wire feeder will put top of laser head, you can also choose an below wire feeder for handheld fiber laser welding machine.

FAQ of laser welding machine

  1. what is laser welding machine?

    Re: There have lot of laser welder in the world, but if your products mostly are thin metal less than 6mm, and you also want good welding process and don't want to polishing, then you can thinking this fiber laser welder, it's handheld laser welder, the core parts is laser source, the lifetime of fiber laser source can upto 100000hours, it's famous for it's good laser beam, so if you are cabinet producer, or you have lot of metal sheet to welding together, then thinking this one, and if you want to start an business and resell in your country, fiber laser welding market will be big in coming years. does laser welding work?

  Re: The laser will come out from laser source, high speed laser can melt two metal sheet, laser head with protective lens and brass nozzle with it. choose right nozzle to get better laser welding.

  3. how strong is laser welding macine

  Re: there have one video to show you how strong laser welding is, so contact with us to get more detail.

  4. What's the welding laser spot diameter?

   Re: bogong standard diameters is 1.5mm, if you need large spot, let us know before order

   5. How about warranty of fiber laser welding machine?

   Re: 2 years, except consumable.

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