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<b>Cheap Price Fiber Laser Marking Machines 30w 50w 70w </b>

Cheap Price Fiber Laser Marking Machines 30w 50w 70w

Fiber laser with a highereneray density of the laser beam (it is a concentratecenergy flow). irradiating on the surface of the material being processed. Thematerial surface absorbs aser eneray and generates Therma excitation process inthe irradiation area so that the material surface (or coating laver) temperature risesresulting in metamorphosis. melting, ablation, evaporation, and so on. So fiberlaser belongs heat treatment.

<b>How to use fiber laser Engraving machine</b>

How to use fiber laser Engraving machine

The use of fiber laser marking machine is actually very simple. When sending the machine, we will also attach a detailed instruction manual and a video tutorial. Customers do not need to worry about how to use the machine. Next, I will explain to you how to use the fiber laser marking machine.

<b>Portable plasma cutting machine</b>

Portable plasma cutting machine

This CNC plasma portable cutting machine is one of the most popular basic models of our company. According to market demand, we developed this model 8 years ago. After years of sales experience and customer feedback, this is a very cost-effective and stable machine, which is deeply loved by customers and agents. In addition, this machine is one of the most suitable as an entry-level machine, the price is cheap, and the customer's investment pressure is very small. Moreover, this machine is easy to operate. Even customers without machine experience can get started in a short time, quickly recover costs, and increase profits safely and stably in the later stage.

<b>​Cantilever plasma cutting machine</b>

​Cantilever plasma cutting machine

This CNC plasma cantilever cutting machine is a machine designed by our company after years of sales and customer feedback. This machine can not only cut metal sheets, but also metal pipes, and according to the different work and budget of customers, we also have a variety of rotating shafts for customers to choose, which can meet the needs of most customers. The machine is versatile, uses professional accessories, is cost-effective, and has stable cutting quality. In addition, the size of the machine is small, which can save customers a lot of sea freight.

<b>8 axis plasma cutting machine</b>

8 axis plasma cutting machine

CNC intersecting wire cutting machine is our newly designed high-efficiency and high-precision automatic pipe cutting equipment, which is mainly used for cutting various low-carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other pipes. The model is beautiful in appearance, compact in structure, stable in operation and easy in operation. The cutting pipe diameter range is 300-25mm, and the cutting pipe length range is 6m. Optionally, it can reach 12m.

<b>5 axis plasma cutting machine</b>

5 axis plasma cutting machine

5 axis cutting machine can work on round pipe, square pipe, channel steel, angle steel can be cut, and can support functions such as pause, forward, backward, speed regulation during processing. The file storage space is not less than 4G, and the processing program can be called at will.

<b>2D fiber laser marking machine</b>

2D fiber laser marking machine

Fiber laser marking machines use laser beams to mark the surface of various materials. The effect of marking is to expose the deep material through the evaporation of the surface material, or to "engrave" traces through the physical changes of the surface material caused by light energy, or to burn off part of the material through light energy to reveal the desired etching pattern, text, barcodes and other graphics.

<b>Quickly understand several major features of laser welding machine</b>

Quickly understand several major features of laser welding machine

In the process of industrial production and manufacturing, laser welding machines are often used, and the effects of this type of welding equipment in the specific application process are also very good. Because it can bring very good practical effects in the process of use, it will promote the sales volume of this type of machinery and equipment in the process of entering the sales market, so that the manufacturers of the sales machines have a certain level of improvement. . In fact, for this type of welding equipment, there will be a good sales volume, which is closely related to its characteristics, which are generally reflected in the following levels.

How to solve the laser output unstable

How to solve the laser output unstable

If you ever feel hard about your laser machine? Sometimes the machine laser is weak and strong, it ’ s unstable when it cutting or engraving something, but you have no idea about how to solve with it. Here we summarized some problems and how to solve with them. Problem: The marking subject is blurred and the marking speed is too fast Solution: marking speed too fast, so we slow down. Laser spot changes, re-adjustment, so that the laser spot to be round, such it still not works, you can contact the manufacturer. Problem: The standard value of the switching power supply voltage of the laser has dropped. It can be measured by a multimeter. The voltage of the laser power supply 30V has dropped, which is obviously insufficient Solution: Change a new switch power supply, and after the normal work, please adjust the laser power higher, when it come out laser light, then test the laser power supply voltage is normal or not, please keep this 5 minutes, if within 5 minutes remain in 30 v volta

<b>Fiber Laser machine Mopa Machine Advantage</b>

Fiber Laser machine Mopa Machine Advantage

With the rapid development of laser technology, fiber laser marking machines are more and more widely used in all walks of life. In the Market have 2 Type laser. one is Q switched laser source another is mopa series Laser Source

<b>CNC plasma power supply</b>

CNC plasma power supply

As we said in the previous article, the plasma power supply is one of the basic components of the CNC plasma cutting machine. It is to the machine what the heart is to the human being.

<b>What kind of machine can engraving keyboard very well?</b>

What kind of machine can engraving keyboard very well?

We have received a total of 11/set keyboards from our customer. In order to convenient machine testing, we made numbers on these keyboards before testing. Through testing the received keyboards, we found that they can be roughly divided into two types. backlight Keyboard and Non-backlight Keyboard.

How to mark keyboards?

How to mark keyboards?

There are all kinds of keyboards in market, some keyboards are backlight and some keyboards are non-backlight, besides, we can see some keyboards with English letters, some keyboards with English, France, Arabic and so on. Have you ever thinking how to get them on keyboards? So here i will Solve the mystery. About the keyboards mark, we can categorize them, different keyboards we need to match the different machine and different engrave ways. So the first step, we need to choose a suitable laser machine. For the back light keyboards and non-backlight keyboards engrave. Generally speaking,a normal fiber laser machine can engrave keyboards well,if you just need to engrave letter, no more demands on the color and effect of letters. You can just choose a normal fiber laser machine. If engrave non-backlight keyboards by a normal fiber laser machine, the color will be a little gray, not very white. If for backlight keyboards will be no problem. But if you have budget, a mopa laser machine wi

<b>How to Choose right and suitable UV Laser Machine</b>

How to Choose right and suitable UV Laser Machine

The UV laser machine belongs to the laser marking machine series, but it is developed with a 355nm UV laser. The use of UV laser machines reduces mechanical deformation of the material to a large extent, and the thermal influence of processing is minimal, as it is mainly used for ultra-fine marking and engraving.

Take 3 minutes to quickly understand the mopa fiber laser marking machine

Take 3 minutes to quickly understand the mopa fiber laser marking machine

MOPA laser marking machine (aluminum black laser marking machine, color laser marking machine) belongs to the category of laser marking machine. Compared with the Q fiber laser, the pulse frequency and pulse width of the MOPA fiber laser are independently controllable. Through the adjustment and matching of the two laser parameters, the high-speed scanning galvanometer system can achieve a constant high peak power output and can be applied to a wider range of standards. Engraved substrate. With high-quality laser beam, low cost of use, maintenance-free for 100,000 hours, suitable for aluminum oxide blackening, 304 stainless steel coloring, stripping anodes, stripping coatings, semiconductor and electronic industries, plastics and other sensitive materials marking and PVC plastics In the pipe industry, the marked pattern fonts are environmentally friendly and comply with ROHS standar

<b>2.5D and 3D, how can i choose?</b>

2.5D and 3D, how can i choose?

<b>If the font marked by the laser marking machine is not clear, how should it be adjusted?</b>

If the font marked by the laser marking machine is not clear, how should it be adjusted?

If the font marked by the laser marking machine is not clear, how should it be adjusted? When many people use the laser marking machine, it may appear that the typed font is not clear enough. How should we adjust it at this time? What is the reason for the unclear handwriting on the laser marking machine? Lets take a detailed analysis of the possible reasons and how to adjust them. 1. Insufficient power: During the use of the laser marking machine, if the power does not meet our pre-standard, it may happen that the marked font is not clear enough. We can first adjust the power of the marking machine to 100 , the speed of the marking machine is adjusted to 300. In this way, the problem of unclear typing of the marking machine can be solved. If this problem has not been solved, it means that the power of the laser marking machine is not ideal for the use of our workpiece, and we can consider replacing our laser. 2. Too fast speed: First of all, we understand a truth, the faster the laser

Hot selling jewelry laser welding machine?

Hot selling jewelry laser welding machine?

If you own a jewelry shop, You must have a wish: i want to get a jewelry welding machine, but what ’ s the jewelry welding machine and how to purchase a jewelry machine from oversea? It ’ s a important questions that you need to get answer before you purchase. So what ’ s the laser welding machine? How it looks like and what ’ s the price? There is a hot selling one in jewelry filed. This mini type jewelry welding machine is suitable for some jewelry stores, There are some advantages of this machine, this is why this machine is hot selling. Advantages: 1. Easy to operate. 2. Space save. 3. consumable parts are few, and they are cheap. 4. Maintenance is minimal and simple. 5. Work safely and efficiently. 6. Easy to import and transport. On the basic of the knowing some about machine, now you may curious about the machine power choose and some spare parts choose. This mini type jewelry machine most be 200W for jewelry use, if you need a high power, to be 300W is definitely enough