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CNC Router machine control systems of Ncstudio Mach3 and DSP

As we know, the control system of the engraving machine is divided into Ncstudio control system, DSP control system, and MARCH3 control system.

The general Ncstudio control system is a special control system for advertising engraving machine, woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine, and jade engraving machine.

DSP control system and Ncstudio control system and Mach 3 are the best choices for many customers.

These three systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let us analyze them.

1. NCSTUDIO Control System

NCSTUDIO series engraving machine control system is a high-performance engraving machine control system based on MS Windows 98 or MS Windows NT (2000/XP).

NCSTUDIO control system is characterized by giving full play to the powerful advantages of 32-bit computing and multi-task collaboration. It has the advantages of powerful function, simple operation and easy learning.

The man-machine interface is easy to operate, intuitive, and easy to find processing instruction files. Users can directly output PLT format files from AutoCAD software for processing.

2.Mach3 control system

Mach3 control software is an open CNC system with simple operation and convenient maintenance. It is a new CNC system with openness, stable performance and low price. The standard PC computer is completely converted into a full-function CNC controller, which directly supports a variety of DXF, BMP, JPG, HPGL file format input, visual G code display, direct generation of G code, spindle speed control, multiple relay control, manual pulse generation, including a large number of processing strategies, video display, touch screen, full screen display, digitization. Three-dimensional dynamic display Tracking, automatic tool setting, program jump execution (breakpoint memory

The system has the functions of pitch error compensation, backlash compensation, tool length compensation, tool nose radius compensation and wear compensation.

This system is generally used for multifunctional automatic woodworking engraving machines.

3. DSP control system

1. The handle of the engraving machine is compatible with G codes generated by various software such as Type3, Artcam, castmate, ProE, UG, and Wentai.

2. File storage: built-in 128M, can support processing files of any size

3. Display: 128 dots*64 dots monochrome LCD

4. Communication interface: USB and U disk

Advantages of DSP control system

1. It can be run offline, and it can be completely separated from the computer during the engraving process, and the engraving machine can be directly controlled by operating the handle/electric box.

2. Handle or electric box operation, humanized design, large screen display, multi-language interface, easier operation and more convenient maintenance.

3. Large memory, 128M memory space in the handle system (can be expanded according to user needs), can save 9 processing files at the same time, read and process at will.

4. The algorithm is advanced, and the unique intelligent prediction algorithm is adopted to give full play to the potential of the motor, realize high-speed continuous processing, synchronize the curve and straight line, and make the curve smoother.

5. Super error correction, with the ability to pre-check processing documents, to prevent writing or design errors in processing documents, and to prevent material placement beyond the processing range.

6. Self-diagnosis, with good self-diagnosis ability, can diagnose various input and output signals, support remote dynamic upgrade.

7. Multiple protections, convenient and reliable power failure protection function and recovery breakpoint function.

8. A variety of processing, manual processing, automatic processing, area processing, array processing, repeated processing, milling plane processing.

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