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Handheld Laser Welding Machine Application

What can be done with handheld laser welding machine?

Handheld Laser Welding Machine Application

Jinan Bogong Machinery Co., Ltd. stated that the biggest advantage of the handheld laser welding machine is its simple structure, quick start, flexible welding, and strong welding penetration, capable of welding at various complicated angles. 

The model has a mobile type (can be outdoor welded) ) And fixed. It has strong expansibility, and can be equipped with mechanical arms or other CNC welding machine tools, as well as replacing ordinary hand-held heads or swing hand-held heads, to meet various welding needs. The model generally has two modes of continuous and pulse, and the power range is generally between 500W and 1500W.

The Welding heads usually have two specifications, one is ordinary welding head, and the other is swing welding head.


1. Composition of handheld laser welding machine

Hand-held laser welding machine is generally composed of laser, chiller, control software, laser welding head, optical fiber and other components.

2. The application industry of handheld laser welding machine

Suitable for stainless steel, carbon steel, silicon steel sheet, copper, aluminum alloy, gold, silver, chromium, nickel, titanium, tantalum and other metals or alloys, and also for welding between various dissimilar materials. 

Widely used in precision instruments, electronic components, home appliances, medical equipment, mobile phone communications, mobile phone parts, computer shells, sinks, stainless steel kitchen and bathroom products, vacuum insulation cups, sensors, mold parts, safes, power distribution boxes, stainless steel products, Aluminum products, copper products, alloy materials, watches and glasses, jewelry and jewelry, hardware components and other indus

Typical application industries are:

1. Laser welding of sheet metal, chassis and water tank;

2. Various types of metal lamp laser welding;

3. Laser welding of door and window frames;

4. Laser seal welding of kitchen and bathroom hardware.

5. Laser welding of billboards and advertising words.


3. Application advantages of handheld laser welding machine

1. The hand-held welding gun replaces the previous inherent optical path, is more flexible and convenient, realizes remote laser welding, and overcomes the limitation of the travel space of the worktable;

2. The handheld welding head is equipped with 5m-10M original optical fiber, which is flexible and convenient and can be used for outdoor welding;

3. Hand-held operation mode, assembling special welding nozzle can realize welding of any position and any angle on the workpiece;

4. Match a variety of laser sources, suitable for a variety of process requirements, welding once forming, basically no deformation, to meet the requirements of high-quality products;

5. Beautiful welding seam, no welding scars, no discoloration, no need for subsequent polishing;

6. The welding is firm, and the strength of the weld reaches or even exceeds the base material itself;

7. Suitable for tailor welding, stack welding, internal and external fillet welding, arc welding, irregular shape welding, etc .;

8. The whole set of equipment has strong functionality, meets ergonomic design, and is suitable for various working environment scenarios;

9. Proprietary laser safety operation protection function to ensure the safety of operators during their work;

10. The operation is simple and easy to learn, the technical threshold of the operator is not high, and the labor cost is saved;

11. Some welding equipment adopts an integrated cabinet, which integrates lasers, water chillers, software control, etc. It has unique advantages such as small footprint, convenient movement, and strong functionality


A:We will send you manual and guide video in English, it can teach you how to operate the machine. If you still can not learn how to use it, we can talk by phone, email or other contact ways.

Q: If the machine has problem in my place, how could I do?

A:We could send free parts to you in warranty period if machines have any problem under "normal use".

Q:What is the warranty and quality of this machine?

A:Warranty normally 2 years, consumable except. during warranty period any accessories or parts damaged will replce by us for free.

We are machine manufacturer in china more than 10 years,Our machine are senior engineers and designers developed, we consider any one aspect when using, so rarely appear quality problem, this is why we can gurantee customers warranty 1 years.

Q:What is the Price and payment terms?

A:EXW,CIF,FOB we all can accept

payment:TT/Paypay/LC/Western Union.etc

Q:Delivery time

A:some small machine will delivery within 1 day, big machine will deliver within 3-5 days

Q: What's the package?

A: Film packaging+wooden case. Fumigation-free plywood case is also available.

Q: What is the shipping cost from China to my country?

A: It depends on the distance between you and the sea port. We offer door to door service as long as you pay the relevant cost. For the shipping cost you can ask for our advice or from the freight forwarder.

Q: Where is your factory located? How can I get there? 

A: Our factory is based in jinan, shandong province,China. You can fly to beijing, jinan or qingdao. We can pick you up at the air station or train station.

Q: Is there any after sales service?

A: We have integrated after sales service. Besides our own experienced engineers, we also offer local after sales service through the help of our agents. All this will make you convenient.

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