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CNC Laser Cutting Engraver

Laser engravers and cutters are becoming more and more popular and less expensive. However, there is a lot of misinformation out there about which one is best for you.

We've put together this guide to help you find the right laser engraver or cutter for your needs, budget and skill level.

So whether you want to make jewelry, crafts, signs, firearms or other decorative items, laser cutting metal or laser engraving purpose; whether you need a hobbyist tool or professional grade equipment; we've covered all the bases in the comprehensive buyer's guide below

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Let's start by understanding a few basic principles about laser cutting and engraving, laser engraving machine also named laser engraver, laser cutting machine also called laser cutter, we will not repeat it

In order to choose the best model, you need to understand these differences. And in addition to that, we'll give some tips on which types of materials are suitable for each type of machine and process. Perhaps the most important thing is to understand which machines can handle different applications, including cutting different materials of different thicknesses.- What is laser cutting? - What is laser engraving? -What is laser marking?

Laser cutting is the process of cutting materials into various patterns and sizes, and laser cutting is a non-contact cutting

Laser engraving refers to the marking of metal or non-metal surfaces with graphics, patterns, and we commonly use deep engraving as well as surface engraving.

Laser marking we usually say is laser surface engraving, there is no depth.

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Keep in mind that there is no one machine that can engrave and cut all materials, which is why we will write this article overview of the significance of it.

There have 5 point you need to thinking before purchase an laser engraving machine or laser cutter

1. About price:

Yes, above everything else, you need to know how much you will pay, the price range here we mentioned will be from USD2000-15000USD.

2.About software compatibiliy:

With laser engraving cutter machine, you can use the engraving cutting software make some sample design directly. what ever which laser engraver cutter you will choose below, you can use their software make some simple drawing for laser engraving and cutting process. The second option is use coredraw or CAD or adobe make some vector file and save them as *plt *dxf format, you can also use photoshop make *ai format.

3. About material options

What kind of material you will engraving or cutting, this is most import for you choose an laser engravers, because different laser machine, power engergy is different, laser wavelength is also different, because of laser wavelength, you can not use 1064nm laser working on wood and glass material, if you use 1064nm laser working on wood or glass material, the engraving process will get nothing.

That's why we need to know exactly what your engraving cutting idea and plan, otherwise, you might meet problem you got one laser machine not what you need.

4.About connection

How does laser engrave cutting work? how can input the designs or letters for engrave and cut? the answer is you need one computer/laptop, it need have usb cable port, your computer can be windows system, window 7/8/10 are ok, Mac can not use. till now there don't have laser machine can be wireless techinology.

5.About size

How much working space do you have? Do you need something you can put on your desk, or can you accept a separate device the same size as your desk? As prices and features increase, you will also find that many of these units are much larger (and heavier) than less expensive units

You can't see the dimensions of the engraver from the picture, so we had to research the product specifications. You don't need to put the package in the doorway, but you will find that the package is as big as the real front door. Be sure to know the specifications before ordering

The TOP 4 Laser Engraivng Cutting Machine 2021

TOP 1 MINI Fiber Laser Engraving Cutting Machine with EZCAD2 or EZCAD3

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine - for engraving, marking and cutting on metal and non-metal materials. The first machine we recommend is Mini Laser Engraving Cutting Machine, which can be used as a laser processing service, jewelry store, gun engraving, keyboard engraving, and even in industrial applications.

fiber laser engraving machine

*Engraving area: 100*100mm 200*200mm and 300*300mm, 

(pls be sure that only 100*100mm are can do cutting work on your jewelry products, 200*200mm and 300*300mm area use for laser processes engrave).

*this mini laser machine is best laser cutter for jewery gold silver brass name nacklace making.

* There have different laser power of laser engravers cutters:

20W - metal or non-metal surface marking use, you can mark on metal in white, black, also can engrave on non-metal plastic, this machine can also be used for cell phone screen removal use, laser beam is very good with low power laser engraver.

30W - metal or non-metal surface marking use, if you want to achieve a little depth, if 0.3mm, choose 30W will be a wise choice, of course, if you have the budget 50W 60W will be faster speed deep carving, user laser beam is good for your using.

50W - metal or non-metal surface marking, deep engraving, gold, silver and copper 0.1-1.2mm cutting use, gun metal plastic engraving, this machine are the most cost-effective machine, best laser cutter in price for jewelry and gun shop and some industrial use. the engraving speed is very fast, engraving speed can upto 7000mm/s.

* How to use fiber laser engraving cutting machine?

- Basic Operation Guide 

1. First make sure Emergency cutton not push down, 

2. turn on the main power switch. 

3. turn on the computer and open Ezcad software, input design, 

4. set parameters. 

5. find focus, 

6.start marking.

Detail video of engraving work show:

Video for show you software function for jewelry name nacklace making: 

Video for show you what a 50W laser engraving cutting machine do?

Detail whole system show


60W MOPA laser engraving & laser cutting machine is a mopa laser technical, the 60W laser engraver can do all laser work by above fiber laser engraving machine, it also can do color engraving on stainless steel material, the cutting capicity can upto 1.5mm gold silver brass. also it more better working on plastic material.

What can a 60w mopa laser cutters do?

1.-Color marking on stainless steel

2.- Metal Deep laser Engraving

3.- Metal Surface engraving Processing

4.- High Frequency Line Processing

5.-Anodized alumina blackened.

6.-Strip the anode from the surface of the thin aluminium oxide plate.

Video of MOPA 60w cut 1.5mm sheet

What other function mopa laser machine do?

TOP 3  Mini Cabinet Laser Engravers Cutters

There have lot of smoke and Dust when laser do engraving and cutting work, some customers want one laser system with full cabinet, so below mini cabinet laser engraver can meet their requirement.

laser cutter.jpg

Introduction of Mini cabinet laser engraving cutting machine

TOP 4 CO2 Laser engraver cutter

If most of your engraving cutting material is wood, plywood, acrylic and leather, the most popular and up-to-date technology: the C02 engraving laser. It has all the power and versatility you need to mark, engrave, or cutting work through work on wood, acrylic, paper, leather - even plywood; 1-15cm acrlic engraving cutting, it can also engraving on glass, but the result not so good at UV laser engraving machine. UV Laser system is 532nm wavelength, it get better mark on plastic, glass.


* CO2 Laser cutting machine with big size compare with above 2 Laser machine, the engraving speed will slowly than fiber laser engraving machine, it good at nonmetal material as we just mentioned.

*  Working area: the laser work are of CO2 LASER engraver machine you can choose is 600*400MM 900*600mm 1300*900mm 1600*1000mm 1300*2500mm, sure co2 laser engraving cutting machine can also working on paper cutting. if you want to get large work area, contact with our sales.

* Cooling: Water cooling

*  Laser source: Glass tube co2 Laser source

What CO2 Laser engraving cutting machine do?

hope you already know different about laser engraving cutting machine, which one is good for jewelry laser engrave cut, which one is good for wood, acrylic,and glass.

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So contact with us know to get more detail