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what the most important when purchase laser machine

so maybe you want to get into laser cutting and engraving, or you want to purchase an laser engraving machine, you need to consider when buying a laser cutter or engraver, we are going to get into a bunch of different types of  lasers and talk about what might be the best for your situation about choose an laser engraving machine. 

we're going to get into all things lasers so have you seen or not seen, so first you need to know what type of laser machine there have in the world, like what is fiber laser engraving machine, what is CO2 Laser machine? what is MOPA laser marking machine? I'm gonna give you a quick run down on what lasers are out, let's get into what are the best lasers in 2021 so let's start off with my top picks and We're gonna start at the lowest end of the spectrum and really when you're Looking at buying a laser machine, you really want to look at what you actually want to do there are three different types of lasers at least, below is 3 types of laser machine, 

1.CO2 laser engraving cutting machine:

First is CO2 Laser engraving cutting machine, if you want to laser engraving on wood, or you want engraving leather, engrave cut on acrylic sheet, nonmetal material, you'll be able to do like wood gift, leather gift, advantising letters, photo wood, frame it will be get great for engraving, we've done some really cool kind of full picture raster picture illustrations using those as well as doing marks so maybe you're looking to put just logos on leather with great people's names these little guys are a really good way to get started all right. co2 Laser engraving cutting machine is big machine compare with fiber laser engraving machine and MOPA Laser engraving machine. CO2 Laser engraving machine with engraving cutting size 600*400mm  1200*900mm 1600*1000mm and 1300*2500mm. 

Pls be sure there have different laser power for co2 Laser engraving machine, like 60 80W 100W 120W 150W 180W, If you want purchase laser machine for your hobby, or laser engraving diy, then choose an small laser power, but small power co2 laser engraving machine for engraving work, but can not get high thickness cutting work, if your budget is enough and you want to start engraving cutting service, or you have planty of wood/arylic/wood products to engraving and cutting, then you can choose an co2 laser engraver cutter with double laser head, one laser head with 60W laser and another with 150W laser power. laser for engraving wood by 60W head, laser cutting wood with big 150w power.

2. Fiber laser engraving cuttng machine:

If you want a laser for engraving metal, laser engraving on plastic, laser engraving stainless steel, or you are jewelry maker or laser service company, or you want start business do laser engraving guns, then you need also and Fiber laser engraving machine, because co2 laser engraving cutting machine can not do work on metal work.  if you are a jewelry shop, choose an 50W or 60W laser engraving cutting machine will be good choice, in the same time choose and rotary and holder to do your future laser work, like name nacklace, ring marking. if you are an laser service company which only do some engraving work, no need cutting or deep engraving work, then choose 30W laser machine is ok, like laser engraving knives. if you are and birdring or ear tags engraving work, or producer, then choose 20W or 30W Laser engraving, you can see fiber laser machine picture as below: 

also there have one link for show you mini type fiber laser engraving machine and floor type laser engraving machine.


What's the difference between Fiber and co2 ? we won't get deep into the actual science and the physics of how it works, we will make an article in future to talk about the difference, fiber and co2 laser engraving machine with different engraving software, Fiber laser machine mostly use Ezcad Softwarw, and CO2 Laser machine mostly use Ruida engraving software, like RD6445,etc.

Above 2 laser engraving machine need vector file mostly, so you need an drawing software, like Coreldraw or inkscape, make drawing and save the design as plt, dxf format. BOGONG MACHINERY provide thousand of design, we do believe you will like it. 

3. MOPA lASER Engraving machine

MOPA Laser Engraving machine is belong to fiber laser machine also, but because adjustable pulse width and big range frequency, it can make some laser work more better.

you can see MOPA laser machine below:

there were kind of people already kind of doing 3d laser engraving, laser engraving 3d printer, it is metal relief work, if you want relief on flat surface, and no big high precision requirement, you can thinking BOGONG 2.5D laser engraving machine for your metal products, it can also do cutting on thin soft metal.

If you are looking for an laser engraving or cutting machine for your laser work, contact with bogong machinery to get more information.